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Prep is the first year of school and provides the foundation for your child's education. It is compulsory for Queensland children to undertake Prep prior to Year 1. Prep is a full-time program in primary schools and has a defined curriculum. Children must be 5 years old by 30 June in the year they start Prep. To determine when your child can commence their prep year, use the prep ready reckoner calculator​.​

Please refer to the Enrolments page to complete an application for your child to start Prep in 2022 - Enrolment Applica​tion and required documents​.

Prep Parent Information 

The Prep Parent Information B​ooklet (PDF, 493KB) provides you with all the relevant information you need to know about the day to day aspects of Prep at Clover Hill State School. 

Prep Readiness 2022

Information to assist parents for Prep readiness in the following key areas:

Prep Orientation Day

Our 2022 Prep enrolment process formally begins in October 2021 with all incoming Prep children requested to attend a short interview. Our Prep & Teddy Bear Orientation Day and Parent Information Sessions will be held in November to support your induction to Clover Hill State School. During this day the current Prep team and Deputy Principals will inform you about the Prep programs on offer at our school and the processes involved in preparing your child for a smooth transition into the school environment. All families enrolled in Prep 2022 at Clover Hill State School are encouraged to come along. Further information regarding these sessions will be emailed home to families closer to the date.

The Student Resource Scheme

The Student Resource Scheme (SRS) is a user‐charging scheme operated by schools to provide parents with a mechanism to access individual student resources that are not funded by the government.
Government funding for schools does not extend to individual student resources and equipment for their personal use or consumption. Supply of these items, such as textbooks and personal laptops/iPads, is the responsibility of the parent.
The objective of the scheme is to provide parents a convenient and cost‐effective alternative to individual supply of resources for their students. Participation in the SRS is optional, and no obligation is placed on a parent to participate.
Terms and conditions for participating in the scheme are provided on the reverse side of the form. Information is also provided on the Textbook and Resource Allowance (TRA) where applicable.
This Participation Agreement Form applies for the duration of a student’s enrolment at the school, however parents who are participating in the scheme can choose to opt out from the SRS in future years by completing a new Participation Agreement Form. Any new Participation Agreement Form submitted annually and received by the school will supersede the previous form lodged.
Parents pay the annual participation fee in accordance with the selected payment arrangement. If a student joins the school mid‐year, a pro‐rata participation fee may apply.
Parents not participating in the scheme must provide their student with all items that would otherwise be provided by the scheme as detailed in the information provided by the school. Parents can choose to join the SRS in future years by completing a new Participation Agreement Form.
To assist schools in managing and administering the scheme, parents are requested to complete the Participation section of this form and return it to the school.
If parents have not completed and returned the form before the due date indicated by the school in the SRS Annual Parent Information documents, the school will take the view that the parent does not wish to participate.

Student Book Packs

The 2022 Student Packs are now available to order online through our supplier Selbies Office National Families have the option to purchase the complete pack or individual items from the supplier, or source the items independently.

Families who wish to purchase items from an alternate source can download a list from the school website or Selbies Office National at​. Hardcopies are also available from Administration.

Selbies Office National at Burleigh, located at 1/23 Central Drive, Burleigh Heads.
For free delivery, orders will need to be placed before 21 December 2021. Orders placed after this date may incur a delivery cost of $9.95.
For any orders placed after 7 January 2022 delivery is not guaranteed prior to the start of the Term 1.
An email will be sent the day prior to delivery. Please advise if you have a preferred location to leave your order.
If you have any queries regarding your booklist order, please contact Selbies directly on 5522 0440 or email​

Local Child Care links

Clover Hill State School is proud to be associated with all of our local child care providers. Links between the centre’s have been established and we share ideas, resources and ways to support our families as they transition into formal school.

What is a Kindy Transition Statement?

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