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​What is Active School Travel? 

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The City of Gold Coast’s Active School Travel (AST) program aims to reduce traffic congestion around schools.

Active School Travel is a free program to help Gold Coast school students, parents and teachers leave their cars at home and:

  • re-mode - encourage people to increase walking, cycling, use of buses and carpooling
  • reduce car trips by carpooling or combining trips
  • re-time school related trips – consider dropping children a bit earlier or picking up children later
  • re-route – taking a slightly different route to avoid congested roads.
Benefits for children who actively travel include:
  • increased road safety skills
  • improve student health through increased physical activity
  • children arrive at school alert and ready to learn
  • improved concentration, sleep and relaxation
  • improved self-esteem, confidence, independence
  • opportunities to make friends and enhance social skills
  • more time together with family and friends.
Local community benefits include:
  • reduced traffic congestion
  • safer school drop-off and pick-up zones
  • improved air quality
  • a more social community.

Clover Hill State School joined the City of Gold Coast's Active School Travel 3 year Program in 2019. In the past 18 months we have accomplished a number of key goals:

  • Installation of bike and scooter parking
  • Cycling workshops to educate students on important road safety and cycling etiquette
  • Upgrade to stop, drop and go zone including an undercover shelter and seating
  • Implementation of the Look Out program
  • Ashmore PCYC Bike education for Year 4 students (conducted annually)
  • Healthy breakfast events (per term)
  • Involvement in the infrastructure upgrade at Somerset/ Gemvale Road to assist school pedestrians to navigate this area safely

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Active School Travel During COVID-19
Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone or cancel quite a few activities and events since returning to school. Here’s a summary of changes for the remainder of the year.

Changes for you to note:
  • No data collection from students on how they travel to school, for the remainder of the year.
  • No bag tag distribution or stamping of bag tags at the front gate on Active Travel days, for the remainder of the year.
  • No AST Breakfast in Term 3.
What we are doing
  • Continuing to focus on to reducing school traffic congestion (particularly through effective use of our Stop, Drop & Go zone), promoting a healthier school community and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable Gold Coast.
  • Working with City of Gold Coast to release an Active Travel Map to all families, showing appropriate ‘Park & Stride’ locations.
  • Creating a dedicated AST page on our school website to keep our school and wider community updated.
  • Planning an exciting end of year celebration (restrictions permitting).

Clover Hill Stop Drop Go Zone 

Our return to school in Term 2 required a change to the school drop off and pick up processes, to minimising adults on school grounds.  Currently, parents are not able to enter the school grounds and wait with their child outside classrooms or under covered areas.  Students need to be dropped off at the gate and collected from the gate in the afternoon.  There are some special circumstances in allowing some parents walk their child in, however, these have been approved by the school.  This is a directive from our department based on information from the Chief Health Officer.  What we know is that the concern of transmission of COVID-19 is between adult to adult.  Hence the reason why additional adults on school grounds need to be kept to an absolute minimum. 

Prep students will enter the school grounds at the Stop, Drop and Go gate (near the multi-purpose courts) and sit in the seated area until we walk them to the classrooms.  
Students in Years 1-6 will need to move to the main undercover area (at the Tuckshop) and wait until the morning song plays.  There is supervision in this area from 8.30am.  

Stop, Drop and Go procedures were back in place from Monday 25 May.  Please remember that you cannot park and exit your car in this area. Please refer to Parent Flyer, detailing how to use the Stop Drop Go drive thru.
If you are collecting your child via the Stop, Drop and Go, family name sign clearly showing in your car as this helps our process immensely.  If you require a Family Name Display sign please email

Park & Stride

In 2021 we will be launching our Park and Stride program to help in reducing traffic congestion. 
The attached map shows some suggested locations to park and paths to travel to school on foot or bike.
Park and Stride Map - small.PNG
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Active School Travel ART-AST Competition 

Thank you to all students who participated in this years’ Active School Travel ART-AST Competition, for the City of Gold Coast 2021 Active School Travel calendar.
There were over 450 entries and it was a really tough competition this year. 12 entries, including the winners, will be featured in the calendar distributed later this year.

We are please to announce that two (2) of our students will have their submissions printed in the 2021 calendar.
Congratulations to: 

Arthur in Year 5 - winner of the Senior Category (Year 4 to Year 6)

AST Art Comp Arthur winner - small.png
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Daniel in Year 6 – congratulated for his awesome artwork

AST Art Comp Daniel winner - small.png
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Calendar of Events

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Clover Hill Active School Travel Committee

If you require a Family Name Display sign, you have any questions or wish to be involved in the AST Committee, please email

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Last updated 18 November 2020